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Fána Nurseries is a wholesale, specialist tree nursery.Our business is located in the fertile Blackwater Valley on the N72 between Fermoy and Mallow in Ballyhooly Co Cork.We have a wide range of mature and semi-mature trees available in sizes from 6-8cm girth to 30-35cm girth. At present there are over 50 000 trees growing with over seventy varieties to choose from.

We take great pride in the attention to detail and excellence in the production of our trees.

Fána Nurseries is a family run business. We supply Landscapers, Garden centres, County Councils, Golf Clubs and Landscape Architects.


We currently have in stock a range of Wedding Cake Trees.

Cornus controversa variegata

These trees naturally form layers of rich foliage and are an eye catching addition to your garden.


Call us now and one of our dedicated staff will assist you.

Wedding Cake Tree Wedding Cake Tree 2

Cornus controversa  variegata                              Cornus controversa variegata

 Wedding Cake Tree                        Wedding Cake Tree